The importance of speaking two languages

The importance of speaking two languages

Best Video on Multilingualism of the Year 2011 by a Student

The 90-second films focus on language learning and cultural diversity. They were produced by students in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom and selected for screening from more than 120 entries.

And the winner is:
The importance of speaking two languages
Yael Leibel & Marco Resa
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - CSC
(Rome, Italy)

A cat has been trying to catch a mouse for a long time. The mouse is very smart, and does not come out of its hole, but after a while, the mouse hears a dog barking. Thinking that the cat ran away afraid of the dog, the mouse leaves its hole. Suddenly, the cat jumps on the mouse, while still barking.
Essentially, the cat embraced the idea that to be successful nowadays, one needs to speak at least two languages. But the barking draws the attention of a dog, who interprets the bark as a she-dog calling for love and runs to the house. When he finds the caller was just a cat he gets very angry. The terrified cat releases the mouse who runs back to its hole.
The cat, clearly baffled, remains with the dog facing a dangerous situation, but its knowledge of languages may help again.

ENTERING INSTITUTE: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, Italy - CSC

AUTHOR/S: Yael Leibel - Marco Resa

DIRECTOR: Yael Leibel

PRODUCER: Yael Leibel

CAMERA: Salvatore Aquilani - Pasquale Remia

ANIMATION: Simone Rosset - Marco Resa (Effects supervisor and Colorist)

SOUND: Andrea Ottina